Reuven Kahane

Being a visionary is one defining trait of an entrepreneur, and Reuven Kahane is no exception. As a High schooler, he collected discarded brown supermarket bags and distributed them to NYC’s homeless to carry their belongings. By the age of 28, Early in his career, he founded what grew into a twenty-store international bagel and vegetarian Pizza chain in countries that had never experienced an authentic American Bagel.

Today, Reuven Kahane is the founder and president of a national property investment company. This role underscores his ongoing entrepreneurial spirit in the business world. The company has focused on multi-family properties and shopping centers, expanding its reach across nine states. Over the past decades, Reuven Kahane has successfully closed over one hundred and twenty transactions.

In addition to business ventures, Reuven Kahane is a noted writer and public speaker. And about to launch a new Dystopian novel. A foreign language enthusiast, Reuven Kahane has an advanced degree in religious studies and a J.D. His charitable giving is focused on pediatric hospital units and at-risk youth centers. His hobbies include hiking, basketball, and playing the acoustic guitar.

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